Hey Friends! 
I am Diana, the artist behind Prisletters.
I am very happy that you are here!
I created this space for all of you, creative people like me, and for all of those who to want to learn and improve in calligraphy and hand lettering. 
You are WELCOME here! 
New practice worksheets
"Letter Connections"
Level up your skills, and get into connections! If you are struggling with how to connect your letters, in this new practice worksheets, I show you how to connect them, and give you the most common example about connections. I included, variations of letters to connect better with your next letter, connecting vowels, double letters, and more. this new practice worksheets are now available in my shop!.
Bounce Lettering Practice Worksheets are here!
Faux Calligraphy Worksheets
Flourish Practice Worksheets
Check out my Flourish video
Learn how to add Flourish to your hand lettering, composition and connects your words with Flourish.

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Practice Worksheets here

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