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What Markers Can I use for Hand Lettering?

I love markers! all of them! But, let's talk about markers, specially, what are the best markers to start with hand lettering? Well, here my opinion:

I wish I knew this when I started with hand lettering!!!

When I started with calligraphy and hand lettering, my first thought was: If I buy brush markers, I will get the calligraphy effect that I am looking for! BIG MISTAKE!!! I remember my first set of brush markers, they weren’t from a known brand, and when I tried them, I was so disappointed because they were not flexible, I couldn’t control my strokes, it didn't let me do the lettering like it was supposed to be, totally EWW!!!

I continued with my research and finally I bought my first Tombow DualBrush pen set, and I started to practice, I used the markers every single day, in every kind of paper that I had, without know that I could damage the brush, and after 2 month, it happened, all of my Tombow got damaged, so sad to bad! I totally blamed the markers, but it was me. The main problem was THE PAPER (we will talk about that in a next time), so in conclusion, I created this list with MY FAVORITE markers, I just recommend these that worked for me, maybe for you it’s different, and very IMPORTANT: I don’t telling you to buy them all, I just sharing my personal experience, I am giving you some ideas so like that you can choose which markers you can start with, let’ start:

1.- Crayola Super Tips Markers:

I like these markers so much, they have so many colors, the body of the marker is thin, and that helps to have more control with your strokes, the tip (a very important part) looks like a diamond, and this helps to create that calligraphy effect, thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes.

I highly recommend these markers, because they are good to practice your strokes without spend so much money at the beginning of your lettering journey.

2.- Tombow Fudenosuke

This marker comes in two types, soft tip and hard tip, the both are flexible, of course one more than the other. This tip is son thin, that you can get that deep tip effect, absolutely amazing. For me, they are into the fine-small tip category. Perfect to lettering in small spaces. Plus, they come in colors.

3.- Pentel Touch

One of my favorites of all!!! For me, this marker goes in small tip category, it is a little longer than the Fudenosuke, but still small. The tip is more flexible, and you have to know how to control your strokes.

4.- PrismaColor Premier Brush

Personally, I tag them as medium fine tip. The tip is a little bigger and longer than the two previous markers, is very flexible, but easy to control the strokes. Perfecto to lettering in thin spaces.

5.- Koi Brush Pen by Sakura

I love these markers. For me these markers are in the category medium thick tip, it is thick but not a long brush, this helps to control your strokes. The tip is not that flexible, but you still have control of your strokes. These markers help you to improve your hand lettering, and prepare yourself to make lettering with long brush tips.

6 .- Tombow DualBrush

I am so sure you know these brand, long markers, double tip, so many colors, in a few words, WONDERFUL!!! Tombow DualBrush have so many colors, thing that makes them so attractive. But, let’s talk about the double tip, for me they are Large big brush category, on one side of the marker they have this big large brush tip, large enough to lettering in big spaces and not so big too, the flexibility of the tip is great, enough to create the calligraphy effect with thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes that you can totally can control, and this a very important thing about this markes. To the other side of the marker, they have a round tip, which one you can adjust your strokes, add details to your lettering or just lettering with a mono line effect. These are one of my favorite markers, they are not cheap, but if you have a little patience (not like me lol) you can get discounts directly from TOMBOW website.

Here are my 6 markers that are for beginners, if you have tried another and want to share it, leave me your comment and we will talk about it.




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