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Tricolor Background

How beautiful would be your lettering on a tricolor background?

This technic is easy and fun to do. You can make a background with different colors and have an awesome piece of art in few minutes.

For this piece I worked with these colors:

055 Process Yellow

905 Red

815 Cherry

The paper is for watercolor 140 lb (300 gr/m2). I used the Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor Pad, but you can use your favorite one.

Additional I used a Tombow MonoTwin, eraser and a 2H pencil

And the last but not least, your Tombow blending palette. If you don't have one, you always can use a ziplock bag or one side of the Tombow dualbrush plastic package.

1.- These are your materials:

2.- Take your blending palette and place the colors in the order that you like more. Doesn't have to be exactly like this, you can absolutely do it the way that you like more.

3.- After you place the colors, put water and let the colors blend

4.- Flip the blending palette over onto the watercolor paper and pick up the excess water with a paper towel.

5.- Let your piece dry very well and after that, write with your 2H pencil your quote and when you are ready, rewrite your quote with the Tombow Monotwin hard tip.

6.- Cut out bordering the text and you will have your final piece.

I hope you liked this project and I want to see yours.

Feel free to leave me a comment.


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