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Brush lettering Kit for beginners

The most common questions people ask me are: What are your favorite materials?  And what are the best material

And thinking about these questions, last year I created a special Brush lettering kit for beginners, and now you will surely wonder, but what is inside that kit for beginners? Well here the answer:

My kit for beginners contains my favorites and the essential materials to start doing Brush lettering, starting with a practice book that I have designed with the explanation of what brush lettering is, basic strokes, alphabet, composition and extra practice sheets.

In addition to this, I have added my favorite markers, a Tombow Fudenosuke small tip, great for small strokes, a Crayola Super tips that with its wonderful conical tip, helps you to have thin and thick strokes without much effort and finally, a Tombow DualBrush that with its long brush tip it helps you control the pressure of the strokes, good for a big lettering.

Extra, you will get a pencil pouch designed by me, same as my postcard and my sticker.

I wish someone had told me this when I started with brush lettering. This is another reason why I have created this kit for beginners. And finally I had the time to repopulate my starter kits. They are available in my shop!

If you want more information about all the materials that are inside my beginner's kit you can see my video on my YouTube channel at this link:

Well friends, I hope this can helps you to starting or improve your bruah lettering!

I am always happy to help!

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