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Kingart Dual Tip Brush Pens Review

Hey Friends, I had the opportunity to try these Kingart Dual Tip Brush Pens. This package is the 24 colors, they are very vibrant and juicy, they are acid-free, non toxic, and odorless. The ink is water-based, and I discovered that they are perfect for blending.

The Double Tips:

They are double tip, one side, brush tip, and the other side, round tip or better known as bullet tip. The brush tip is a medium-large brush, this helps you to have more control of your downstrokes, and it is a good size to lettering in big spaces. The brush is not that flexible, but not even a super flexible brush. As a mention before, it's good when you are a beginner.

The round tip or bullet tip, its perfect when you need to fix something or create accents in your composition. This is not flexible. I am going give you an advice to get a better downstroke, try to hold your marker as far from the brush as you can.

The price for 24 it's great, very accessible for 24 markers. Check Kingart for ore info.

If I want to compared these markers with Tombow Dual Brush, they are pretty similar.

Tombow DualBrush / Kingart Dual Tip Brush:

  1. Tombow has a large colors palette. 108 colors./ Kingart has a 96 colors palette

  2. Tombow has the brush tip a little more flexible, this may be a bit more difficult to control your strokes, when you are a beginner. In any case, TOMBOW DualBrush is still considered one of the best markers for lettering beginners./ Kingart has a tip brush medium flexible, more firm than the Tombow. I like this way, its is easy for me to control my downstroke.

  3. Tombow has the sets of 10 markers at $26.99 ( I get them on sale at $15, when this promotion is available)./ Kingart has a set of 10 markers for $16.99 (But this set is another line of Brush markers called Studio Twin-Tip Brush Pens) and you can find this set at $14.80 on Amazon. But compared the this set of 24 Kingart Dual tip brush markers with a set of 20 Tombow DualBrush, the prices are very different, TOMBOW 20 pieces $54.99 / KINGART 24 pieces $24.99. This is huge difference. Sometimes the price does not define quality.

  4. Conclusion: Both are good markers, both have a beautiful colors, both are recommended for beginners, you can try both!

I used tthe Mixed Media paper. The paper is not that smooth as I thought, and I wasn't sure if this paper was going to damage the tip of the marker, so I chose to use my Strathmore Smooth paper, and it was a very good decision. I recommend you to use a smooth paper for your markers specially if they are Felt brush. If they are Nylon brush, they are more durable.

I hope this post can help you to decide about the markers. And if you have already tried these markers, give me your opinion, I am interested in knowing your opinion.

Check my YouTube video for the whole review.

I always happy to help!

Let's be in touch.


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