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Draw a wreath with Tombow DualBrush

A very easy technique of how to draw a wreath with blending two Tombow DualBrush colors.

1.- The materials you need are:

- 2 markers of different colors (I used Tombow Dualbrush N.553 and 636).

- A lid (the size that you want)

- A Tombow Blending Palette

2.- Draw a circle with a lid (I used this little one) the size that you like more.

3.- Blend the lighter color with the darkest color. In this case the 553 on the 636.

4.- With the tip of the marker, start make small marks, inside and outside del circle.

5.- Make some small twigs

6.- And write the word that you most like inside.

And that's all. I hope it has helped you and I want to see your wreath.


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