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September Classes 


Intro to brush Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, September 11th 

Hey Friends! I will host this class on this platform called Skilpe! I have 2 dates available, and you can choose what day suits you and get your spot.

No one has born a master. That is why I am here, to help you and teach you the art of Brush calligraphy and Hand lettering. This is a class for beginners that want to dive into this art. I will learn what materials you can use to hand lettering, what paper is the best to use, basic strokes, alphabet, numbers, connections, and practice with a final project. 


Bounce Lettering, September 12th

Hey Friends! I will host this class on this platform called Skilpe! I have 1 day available. Take this opportunity to learn more about this! In this class, I will explain the art of bounce your lettering. This is a wonderful and playful technique to add to your lettering composition. If you know your lettering basic, this is a great step to improve your skills. For this class, you will need your brush lettering markers, my practice worksheets, tracing paper or just copy paper, and that's it.


Brush Lettering Blending with Markers, September 26th

Do you want to level up your lettering, and your lettering composition? Well, this class is for you! 

In this class I want to teach you, how to use your markers and how you can blend colors and have a great and wonderful lettering compositions. I will guide you to three different blending techniques, from an easy to the most wonderful blending. I am so exciting to start, and show you what you can do with your colors!!! 


Letter Connections, September 19th

Letter connections is a very important part of hand lettering. In this class I will explain you why is so important how to connect your letters, direction, and space between each letter. Examples of the most common, and struggle connections between doble vowels, vowels and consonants, and some cases double consonants. Improve your lettering skills with this class.

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