Did you hear about Tangi? I hope so!

This year, Google Area 120, launches Tangi, a new platform focused on creativity and DIY shorts videos (and that is my favorite part). Compared with other apps, Tangi, helps you to learn new skills, new DIY easy in the comfort of your home. It's an easy way to find a lot of how-to 60 seconds videos and helps you to create in a very easy way.

What do I like about Tangi? Well, I can share short tutorials videos of my calligraphy and hand lettering, you can try them and post it on the app and show them to me, maybe you can think, well I can do the same on IG or Facebook, yes, you can, but the difference is, here you don't have the problem about people stolen your art, or coping your art without credit you (don't do that please!!!)

On Tangi, you have an exclusive area for "try it" and show your creativity.

The videos that you can find here, are organized by category : Art, Beauty, Cook, Decor, DIY, Lifestyle, Parents, and each category have a subcategory. They have an exclusive challenges and exclusive videos. Another different with other apps is, if you want to post your video tutorials, you have to apply as an artist, this allows Tangi to continue focusing on creativity.

Go and check Tangi out https://tangi.co and you can found me here https://tangi.co/p/prisletters

Here, one of my exclusive videos:

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